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Benefits of a Small Travel Trailer

The Casita travel trailer has been my home over the years. It has been convenient to park wherever we want. Also, we have driven thousands of miles across this pleasant country. They are easy to tow behind any vehicle and do not affect fuel consumption. According to the forest river wolf pup review, everything you need for a travel trailer is in this compact package. The Casita travel trailer is more resalable than any other brand. The trailer is virtually waterproof due to its construction. It is smaller than other travel trailers, so it can be parked anywhere. Below are just a few of the benefits I have experienced in having a small travel trailer. 

Plenty of Room for Two

trailerLast year we took a 6,000 mile trip to the mountains to see our forests and national parks. It took us six weeks to make the trip because we weren’t in a hurry. We never felt cramped or cramped

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