How to Choose the Right Camping Tent

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There are different types of campers with varying needs as far as shelter is concerned. Usually, backpackers favor smaller, lighter tents that make for easy transport and packing. Family members worry less about portability and weight, instead of focusing on comfort and size. You can find a wide range of tent styles and sizes to accommodate each type of camper. These are some of the things to consider ensuring you get the right camping tent.

Number of Campers

a camping tentYou have to think about the interior floor space you need. Usually, backpackers go with fewer square feet per individual. That is quite important for portability as it keeps the weight and packs size down. Campers often like to purchase a floor size that is bigger than the number of people who will sleep in a tent. That leaves room for gear, queen-sized airbed, and dog.

Style of Tent

Various tent styles offer particular advantages and disadvantages, taking into account the application. A-frame and dome-shaped tents are easy to set up and streamlined. That makes them ideal for trekking and backpacking. Larger tents, such as Screen houses or Cabin style, require more labor and time to set up but provide occupants with unrivaled ventilation, floor space, and headroom.

Camping Conditions

Consider the camping conditions and select gear for that given season. You might be tempted to go for a 4-season tent because you think it is the best for all seasons, but if you camp during the summer, you may be disappointed. That is because a tent designed to keep out snow and driving rain will also keep out cool air breeze that you need during summer.

How Often You Camp

camping tentIf you are planning to go camping twice or thrice a year, it is vital to invest in a model with higher waterproof coatings, heavy-duty floor, and durable aluminum frame. However, if you are occasionally camping, then you spend adequate floor space or even a separate screen house. Another important feature to look out for is the 700 series aluminum frame that is of high-quality and provides excellent stability.

Weight and Pack Size

If you are backpacking, it is vital that you take into account that you will be carrying the tent on the back. Therefore, there is a need to have a careful balance between comfort and weight. Also, pack size and weight matter to a paddler and pack rafter.

Author: Sunisa Sritadee