Several Must-Visit Attraction Sites in Cincinnati

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Cincinnati is still known as “Little Chicago” and has many similarities to the “Windy City.” It has a growing Caribbean community, world-class restaurants, excellent professional and college sports clubs, and many events for the whole family. If you are planning to travel to this amazing city, keep in mind that there are also several Trips From Cincinnati that you can do. The following are several must-visit attraction sites in Cincinnati.


Kings Island

This enormous amusement park in the north of the city is devoted to roller coasters, just as Disney World is dedicated to animal animation. They are everywhere. The Beast is the largest and fastest wooden roller coaster on the planet. Ride them if you want to experience the meanest roller coasters in the world.

Taft Museum


It is a place that will entertain you, test you, and educate you all at the same time. Read on to find out what you can expect from the museum and why you want to visit it on another trip to Cincinnati, Ohio. The monument is exceptional in more ways than one. For instance, it is organized to follow civilization’s evolution since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. This includes not only Western civilization but also Chinese culture. The monument houses numerous works of art by artists such as Rembrandt, Corot, Gainsborough, and many more important artists. You will also find examples of intermission jewelry, furniture, and fashion from Western and Chinese culture. The museum offers an extraordinary opportunity to fully explore cultures from all over the world and from all eras. It is a wonderful experience that you will enjoy. Visit the monument only once, and you will surely come back to visit it again and again.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

This museum tells the stories of the fugitive slaves who came to Cincinnati and through it in search of freedom, and the subways that helped them. It also presents disturbing stories about human trafficking, which still takes place around the world today. Cincinnati is the backward counterpart of almost every city in the United States. Fascinating but also scary.

The Newport Aquarium

Simply opposite the river in Newport, Kentucky, is the astonishing Newport Aquarium. It accommodates 70 shows and 14 exhibits along with five acrylic underwater tunnels that enable you to see personal and up close with alligators, stingrays, tiger sharks, piranha, and more. Don’t forget to visit the shark rays in the Northern Hemisphere.


Jungle Jim’s International Market

Located in Fairfield, this place is a diner’s paradise. Yes, it is just a grocery store, but it is unlike any other supermarket you have ever seen. First of all, there is the size: it’s 20 acres! Then there are the departments and options: What is “oversized.” Cheese Shoppe – Over 1,200 from 40 countries. Hot tub – Fuggedaboutit! More than 1,400 manufacturers, all under one eternal fire truck.

Author: Sunisa Sritadee