Things You Can Do to Spend Weekend Happily

happy weekend

People would love to welcome the weekend happily every week. They sometimes plan to obtain a me-time moment since they are tired of work. The activities could vary, from only sleeping all day or get a short getaway. However, people might get confused about planning their weekends. Some people who live in Netherland tend to spend their weekends in villages. They aim to escape from the city’s crowd. If you are interested, you could consider weekendje weg scheveningen. Besides, you can plan other things to spend your weekend. These are some ideas that might attract you immediately;

cafes hopping

Cafes Hopping

Jumping in the coffee is a derivative of jumping in the pub. The wonderful thing about it is that it doesn’t burn your pocket or sober you up. Attend several festivals around town, some of which you may or may not know about. From the old Starbucks around the corner to a hole-in-the-wall you haven’t discovered yet, you’ll have plenty of caffeine shots to easily make it through the weekend. If you find yourself in the cafeteria, you’ll probably spend time studying a novel or playing with your iPad/Kindle Fire while sipping your coffee and trying out snacks and special treats that you’ll eat again later.

Backyard Camping

If you don’t have the energy or money to plan a real camping trip on a weekend, then you can do it with a fake one and enjoy it more. Set up a tent in your backyard, light a small protected flame if you have enough space, and play spin the bottle. This idea could be a great option when you are running out of budget. Besides, you can have quality time, either with your family or friends. Therefore, you will get a memorable moment.

Photography Hunting

Nowadays, more people are interested in photography. They can use their smartphones, digital cameras, and other point-and-shoot mobile devices have made it incredibly simple to take a decent photograph of anyone. Besides, use Photoshop or perhaps Instagram to edit your photos and discuss them with your friends and loved ones.


Getting together with two or three friends, donning your camping gear, refueling, and heading to a neighborhood picnic is the perfect way to have a great weekend. You should consider doing a picnic for spending your weekend. Therefore, you can have an incredible moment with your loved one.

City Tour

city tourCosmopolitan and metropolitan cities are blatantly full of food festivals, music concerts, theater nights, amusement parks, movie screenings, children’s events, and weekend shopping trips. Your city is full of surprises just waiting to be explored. Hop on a tour bus, eat some sandwiches, and enjoy the view of the city with a fresh pair of eyes. In the mundane pleasures of life, you can get tired of your surroundings. With a friend, you’ll also discover new suburbs and experience the benefits of your city’s cultural diversity.

Library Hunting

If you find the library, you can expect to find a film screening in one corner and a technical forum in another. Kids can gather for craft instruction in one place, while a specialist offers personal financial advice in another. There can be something for everyone. Besides, you can gain more knowledge instead of spending your time cluelessly. Therefore, you can improve yourself significantly.

Water Games

playing waterGetting out for a weekend is usually a no-brainer for those who live on the coast. For those not so lucky, a heated pool in the winter and an outdoor pool in the summer could save the day. Fishing can be boring if you do it alone, but it can be a lot of fun if you have friends and family with you. You don’t have to have large boats to fish in the ocean. A beach, a pier, or maybe a lake is all you want to cast a line from and watch those hours go by.

Author: Sunisa Sritadee