Most Relaxing Hotels for a Solo Traveler


Having to deal with a tremendous amount of work should not stop us from relaxing our time and enjoy our lives. The best way to relax in this pandemic is by staycation. As a solo traveler, you need to look for the best hotspot this summer. Among many Nazomer hotspots, Hotel Droog and Mercat are my recommendations for traveling to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Along with Hotel Droog, here are the best and most relaxing hotels for a solo traveler in 2021.


Hotel Droog

This hotel is located in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands. This place offers great hospitality that you’ve never experienced before. It also has an amazing exhibition gallery with the Fairy Tale Garden. If you visit this hotel, make sure you also visit the Mercat and the Terraces, especially during summer where the sunshine is beautiful.

The Palms Resort in Miami

This classic Miami hotel is located in the vibrant South Beach area. The hotel is relaxed and casual, attracting those who want to get away from it all. These are just a few reasons why this Miami hotel and spa is a great choice for solo travelers. First of all, I didn’t have to worry about what to wear, but there was a certain level of decorum (no towels or bathing suits in the lobby) that I appreciated.

The breakfast menu is designed for the discerning customer, which is what I like about America. While this can sometimes be an issue for solo travelers, the hotel is generally family-friendly. However, most of the children did very well, as did most of the parents. A luxury spa at any resort can be a treat. If you’ve had a headache since last night, this may be just what you need.

The Canal House in Amsterdam

This centrally located hotel is ideal for solo travelers because it is well designed and very comfortable. This boutique hotel is charming and well thought out. It has classic Dutch architecture interspersed with modern accessories, such as Mooi lampshades. It was very sweet to receive a small basket of chocolates as a welcome gift – thank you for that!

It’s these little details that set a hotel apart from others. It’s right on the canals, so it’s easy to walk around the area. There are also lots of restaurants, cafes and outdoor markets on Saturdays. It was a simple breakfast: a croissant, coffee, and some fruit. It’s ideal for grabbing a bite to eat before heading out to discover the amazing world outside. You can see the breathtaking streets and canals from this place.

Henrietta Hotel in London

This boutique hotel is modern and stylish. The restaurant and bar are perfect for solo travelers because they are small, and you can easily chat with the person sitting next to you (who is probably also alone). Here you can order whatever you want, no one will judge you. The location is ideal for shopping and visiting London. You will love spending time in this room. Be sure to bring your self-care mask.



Author: Abraham Lewis

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